My little preterm baby’s condition is critical and he is fighting for his life in the NICU. Every day, when I’m allowed to visit him, I try to wake him up, but all my desperate attempts fail as my baby doesn’t even open his eyes.

For the past 20 days, he has been lying sedated, struggling to hold on to life. He is covered in numerous tubes and is lying on the ventilator which is trying to keep him alive.

Born in the seventh month of pregnancy, my little baby is suffering from respiratory distress syndrome along with multiple other life-threatening diseases related to prematurity.

Ever since I keep sitting outside the NICU, watching other parents happily taking their babies home. For me, it seems like a far-fetched dream. The doctors have said that my baby needs to be in the NICU for four more weeks. And till then, I can see him only for a few minutes a day. I can’t express how painful that is.


I keep cursing my fate for not even letting me rejoice childbirth. Ever since I got married, I dreamt of becoming a mother. And now, with Allah’s grace, when I’m finally blessed with a child, I have to watch him fight for every single breath.I wish I could hold him in my arms, give him my warmth, shower him with love that I’ve been containing for years and tell him that I won’t let anything happen to him. I wish I could take him home and see him grow up.

But all I can do is helplessly watch my little baby endlessly fight for life with the little energy he has. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to save his life because of our inability to provide for his treatment.

For weeks, Ajruddin and I have been tirelessly trying to arrange Rs 8 lakh ($ 11,249) for his treatment, but we just can’t. He works as an auto driver and earns very little. His income is far from the required sum.

We have already depleted every bit of saving we had on my mother-in-law’s ongoing cancer treatment and my delivery. We don’t have any means to pay off the mounting hospital bills and save our baby’s life.

This is our last resort, our last hope. We won’t be able to live if something happens to our baby. With your little help, we’ll be able to save his life. Please donate generously.

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