A Yorkshire woman has given birth to a miracle baby after being told she had little to no chance of having children.

Shannon Conarty, from Harrogate, suffered from a hormone imbalance when she was 15 years old and was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – leading to the heartbreaking discovery she would only have a 10 percent chance of being able to conceive naturally.

For three years, however, the 22-year-old didn’t give up trying and in 2018 something amazing happened – Shannon discovered she was pregnant.

Four months ago, she gave birth to little Ava, a healthy little girl – who also happened to be born with Albinism.

Shannon with baby Ava. Credit: Hotspot Media / Evelyn and her Sweet Peas Photography

This is a congenital disorder, which in humans is often characterised by the complete or partial absence of pigment in skin, hair and eyes – hair often appears white and eyes can appear to be red.

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“Becoming a mum has always been a dream of mine,” Shannon said. “Ava feels like a little miracle, and even more so after she was diagnosed with albinism.”

Albinism is a condition that affects around one in 17,000 people in the UK and as it causes a lack of pigment, it can also affect people’s eyesight.

But Shannon is simply ecstatic to be a mother – defying all the odds pitted against her.

Baby Ava was born with Albinism. Credit: Hotspot Media / Evelyn and her Sweet Peas Photography

When she was in school she first started to become ill with the hormone imbalance that caused her low fertility.

“My weight fluctuated, and my ovarian cysts were causing me a lot of pain,” she added, “At the time, doctors revealed I had a 10 percent chance of conceiving children naturally as my fallopian tubes were covered in cysts. As I was still in high school at the time, I never gave it a second thought.”

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But, since the age of 18she’s dreamed of becoming a mother and starting a family with her partner, 30-year-old Tom.

She said: “She says: “We fell in love and when I revealed that I was unlikely to have children, Tom was understanding. When I was 18, we started trying for a baby, but I never fell pregnant.

“Every month when I got my period, I was devastated. And the thought of never having children made me feel depressed. We even decided to have IVF if I didn’t conceive by the time I was 25.”

Shannon is delighted to finally be a mum. Credit: Hotspot Media / Evelyn and her Sweet Peas Photography

Out of the blue Shannon suddenly fell pregnant with baby Ava in January 2018.

“My pregnancy went without a hitch, but I had extra scans to monitor me. When she was born, I noticed she had red eyes and white hair, but thought nothing of it,” shed said.

Eventually Ava was diagnosed with Albinism, which did cause some concern for Tom and Shannon for when Ava gets older.

Shannon said: “Every time we leave the house, people comment how beautiful she is. But despite the admiring remarks, I do worry about her when she gets older.

“Due to her sight problems, she’ll be unable to drive, and I worry about her being bullied at school. But me and Tom will raise her to love herself as she is. After all, she’s our little miracle.”


  1. I was the same way I was told I could not have children back in 2010 due to a medical reason and then I’m 2018 when going to my normal check up appointment I was told I was pregnant and I had s beautiful baby girl.

  2. Her differences doesnt make her anything but extraordinary,god is good and as long as you and your husband continue being by her side. She’ll grow to be strong💖

  3. That Is A Blessing 🙏 I Once Told I Couldn’t Have Kids And On May 15,2018 I Had My Handsome Baby Boy I’King Jamir Brown

  4. my sister was the same way she had a %10 chance of getting pregnant & if she did they said the baby probably wouldn’t make it congratulations god is GOOD!